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Bankruptcy & Divorce Lawyers in Utah

Many independent studies have concluded that the majority of divorces and other domestic relations disputes can be traced back to a financial origin. Divorce often results in one or both spouses ultimately seeking relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

A substantial amount of Divorce Attorneys are insufficiently aware of the impact that a Bankruptcy by one or both of the parties may have on a pending divorce proceeding. JLT Law offers consultation services with a party currently in the midst of a divorce (with or without their Divorce Counsel) to discuss the benefits and potential impact a Bankruptcy case may have on the divorce proceedings. There is language that can be included within the divorce documentation that will provide future protection to a party involved in a divorce proceeding, and most Divorce Attorneys are not familiar with it. Once the Divorce Decree has been entered by the Court, it is too late to provide protection that may otherwise be available to you through a Bankruptcy Case. You deserve to be aware of the potential impact a Bankruptcy case by either yourself or your ex-spouse may have on your financial future. Although we are not your actual Divorce Attorney, we at JLT Law can provide consultation services to evaluate your personal circumstances and offer advance planning to aid in making the best choices for your prospective financial future, prior to your divorce being completed.