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There is a tremendous amount of publicity related to mortgage modifications that has proven to be misleading to consumers. It has generated an entire industry of businesses willing to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners. The vast majority of attempts at loan modification are unsuccessful, and actually result in a homeowner being in a much worse financial position than they originally were at the beginning of the process. The procedures adopted by the mortgage companies are tedious, frustrating, and time consuming. Most often the same documentation is required to be provided multiple times before the mortgage company ultimately denies the attempted modification. Consult with JLT Law to learn more about the process; you need to be prepared to proceed with a Bankruptcy filing once the mortgage company rejects the application for modification because they will immediately proceed with foreclosure based upon the fact that you are delinquent on your house payments (despite the mortgage company being the one who instructed you to stop making your payments during the modification process). One of the primary reasons for most people having difficulty making their house payments is the remainder of their debts which prevent them from maintaining what tends to be their largest monthly obligation. Nonetheless, if you choose to proceed with requesting a mortgage modification, JLT Law is here to help should you elect to have a legal professional assist you in that regard.