How Can a Lawyer Help in Contacting Credit Reporting Agencies?


Many Americans are in need of debt relief in light of easy access to credit and the soaring household and business expenses. When late and missed payments begin to report on credit reports, borrowing money becomes more expensive and getting a job that requires good credit become more difficult. Credit agencies have the legal duty report information provided to them by various businesses, but consumers can make efforts to improve their credit profile.

How Can Hiring a Lawyer Help in Improving a Credit Profile?

Because the credit rating agencies and the rules that govern them were created and are managed by federal law, having a lawyer to navigate the credit repair process can be helpful. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is the law passed by Congress that governs credit rating agencies and their obligation to report credit-related information. Because the FCRA provides that the credit agencies must be open to disputes from consumers, a lawyer can assist in the effective drafting of written correspondence to the agencies to have negative information removed or reflected differently. A lawyer could assist in the following ways:

  • Writing a letter to credit reporting agencies to investigate any disputed information, which the agencies must complete within 30 days.
  • Negotiate in writing or by phone to have information removed or reflected differently under an agreement with the information provider.

Regarding the credit agencies: after an investigation, if the agency determines information is inaccurate, the information provider must notify all three credit agencies to either reflect information accurately or removed. Importantly, if a credit agency is in violation of the law, it may be possible to bring a legal action against it and collect damages.

Call a Salt Lake City Credit Repair Lawyer to Learn More about How You May Have Delinquencies Removed from Your Credit Report

It can be fairly easy to incur credit debt and other expenses without a second thought but much more difficult to have the debts paid in a quick and satisfactory manner. When late and missed payments are reported by commercial enterprises, it can seem like there is little that consumers can do. But there are steps that can be taken to make a change. Schedule a free evaluation with a Salt Lake City Credit Repair Lawyer to learn more about how to clean up your credit report by calling JLT Law today at 801-797-2098 or by sending us an email through our online contact form.