When Should you Call a Foreclosure Attorney?


Falling behind on your mortgage can be stressful. Too many people who are nearing default or who have already defaulted simply ignore the situation because they know they cannot afford to catch up on payments. If you receive notice that a foreclosure action has been initiated, you may think that all hope is lost and it is inevitable that you will lose your home. It is important to realize that an experienced foreclosure defense attorney can help you at any of the above stages.

You are Struggling to Make Payments

It is never too early to call an attorney who can assist with mortgage debt relief if you are having trouble making your payments. The earlier you call, the more possible solutions there may be to help you get back on track and avoid default.

If you cannot pay your mortgage due to sudden hardship, such as a medical issue or loss of a job, an attorney can negotiate with your mortgage company to freeze your payments until you get back on your feet. In addition, if your financial struggles are due to other debts that you have, filing for bankruptcy may be an option to free up extra money to make your mortgage payments.

You have Received Notice of Default or Foreclosure

Even if you have already defaulted or a foreclosure has been initiated, an attorney can still help you negotiate with your mortgage lender to find an alternative solution to foreclosure. For example, in many cases, a home loan modification is obtainable can benefit both you and your lender, as your payments can become affordable and your lender gets their money instead of your home. There are several other ways to defend against a foreclosure under Utah real estate law1 and it is imperative to be represented by an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

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