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Are you dealing with a financial crisis, being harassed by creditors, or facing foreclosure? At JLT Law, we understand the stress and anxiety that comes with financial difficulties. That’s why we offer our clients the protection of an automatic stay.

What is an Automatic Stay?

An automatic stay is a legal order that immediately stops all collection actions against you, your property, and your assets. It is an essential tool in bankruptcy proceedings that provides you with breathing room to reorganize your finances and get back on track.

What Does an Automatic Stay Cover?

An automatic stay covers a wide range of collection actions, including:

  • Creditor calls and letters
  • Lawsuits and judgments
  • Foreclosure proceedings
  • Repossession of property
  • Wage garnishments
  • Bank levies

How Does an Automatic Stay Work?

Once you file for bankruptcy, an automatic stay goes into effect immediately. This means that all collection actions must stop, and creditors cannot take any further legal action against you without court approval.

If a creditor violates the automatic stay, they can be held in contempt of court and face serious consequences. It’s important to note that an automatic stay does not apply to certain types of debts, such as child support or criminal fines.

Why Choose JLT Law?

At JLT Law, we have extensive experience helping clients navigate the complexities of bankruptcy proceedings. We understand the importance of an automatic stay and work tirelessly to ensure that our clients’ rights are protected.

Our team of skilled attorneys will evaluate your financial situation and help you determine the best course of action. We will guide you through the bankruptcy process, including filing for an automatic stay, and work to get you the fresh start you deserve.

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