Bankruptcy & Divorce

Bankruptcy and Divorce Lawyer in Salt Lake City

Helping You Deal with Legal Issues Related to Bankruptcy During or After a Divorce

Bankruptcy and divorce go hand in hand more often than you might expect. Both are complex legal processes that should be handled by an experienced attorney who is familiar with how the two cases may intersect or affect one another. There are several reasons a divorce and bankruptcy may coincide, including:

  • Many marriages end in divorce because of financial problems and divorcing spouses may have overwhelming debts they want to discharge.
  • The divorce process can be expensive, and one or both spouses may want to file for bankruptcy because of financial strain from the divorce.
  • Divorce orders may include costly child support or alimony payments, which can make it difficult to pay other debts in the wake of a divorce.

However, planning both a bankruptcy and a divorce can be complicated, and you should always consult with a skilled bankruptcy lawyer who understands the implications of these cases on each other.

At JLT Law in Salt Lake City, we have helped many clients who are divorcing or have recently been through a divorce regain control over their financial situation through bankruptcy or other legal solutions. Please call us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Addressing Issues in Bankruptcy and Divorce

There are many questions and concerns that you may have if you are considering bankruptcy in close proximity to a divorce case. While the answers will vary based on your specific circumstances, some issues we commonly address include:

Should I file for bankruptcy before or after my divorce? This depends on whether it is better for you and your spouse to file together, how your property and debts will be divided in a divorce, your respective incomes, and other factors.

Can child and spousal support be discharged? While court-ordered child support and spousal support payments are non-dischargeable, discharging other debts can help to free up money to afford those payments. What will happen to joint debts? This depends on whether you and your spouse decide to file together before a divorce or, if your divorce is final, how your debts were divided by the court.

Discuss Your Situation with a Salt Lake City Bankruptcy Attorney Today

If you wait until after divorce to discuss your bankruptcy options, you may miss out on important legal protections that can help with your financial situation. Please do not wait to schedule a consultation with the bankruptcy attorneys at JLT Law if you are facing divorce and overwhelming debt. Call today at (801) 896-9444 for free.