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Helping Clients to Stop Wage Garnishment in Utah

When a creditor obtains a legal judgment for an unpaid debt, there are numerous ways that the creditor can try to enforce payment of the judgment. One common method of collection is to seek a wage garnishment. Private creditors will need to request permission for a garnishment from the court, while creditors such as the IRS can obtain one without even having a judgment.

Suddenly learning that your wages have been garnished can be stressful. Many people form their budgets around their income and any difference in income can affect your ability to pay your bills. In this way, wage garnishments can create many additional financial problems. The good news is that an experienced wage garnishment lawyer at JLT Law in Salt Lake City is here to help you.

How Bankruptcy Can Stop Wage Garnishments

Wage garnishments can be difficult to stop under many circumstances. However, if you decide to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the court will issue an immediate order for an automatic stay to go into effect. The automatic stay orders that all efforts to collect your debts come to a halt – and this includes wage garnishments. In addition, if you believe your wages may be garnished in the near future, filing for bankruptcy can prevent the creditor from obtaining the garnishment. Finally, bankruptcy can result in the discharge of the debts and legal judgments you owe, which means the creditors cannot continue to garnish your wages after your case is resolved.

Bankruptcy cannot stop all garnishments, such as for child support or certain tax debts. However, it can be a solution in many situations and an experienced bankruptcy attorney can identify whether this is the best move for you to stop your wage garnishment.

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